Little Learner Stage 4 Plus (Books 20a - 20e)

Little Learner Stage 4 Plus (Books 20a - 20e)


The Stage Plus 4 books review and practise the skills of Stages 1 - 4 and introduces double consonants - ll, ss, ff.  It also introduces the letter 'a' as a word. 

The design is quite different, incorporating speech bubbles and text separated by illustrations. Children are now gaining fluency and taking off with their reading.  They love these stories!

20a The Little Vet: Pip helps Mum at the vet clinic. She likes being a little vet and looking after a pig, some pups and Kit Moss!

20b Sad Tip: The family go off on a picnic leaving Tip, the cat, at home. Tip gets car sick. Pip and Tim think that Tip looks sad, but is he really sad - what does Tip do while they are away on their picnic. 

20c No Ned: Ned, the pet ram, is lost. Tim and Sam go looking for him. Who finds Ned? What is the gift that Dad gives Ned? Why?

20d Mud Picnic: Pip has a mud picnic in the log hut and makes lots of cakes. When she returns home she finds out that mum has been cooking as well - a chocolate cake!

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