Little Learner Stage 7 Unit 2 (Books 36 - 40)

Little Learner Stage 7 Unit 2 (Books 36 - 40)


Art Party - Pip and Tim are very excited to show Mum and Dad their art work at their school.  This delighful story focuses on /ar/ decodable words. 

Silly Sports Day - This isn't any ordinary Sports Day, it is a Silly Sports Day. Beth arrives wearing high heels so you know it is going to be a disaster! They love the popcorn crawl but the Do Not Talk Game is really boring!  This story introduces /or/ with the graphemes or (as in sport) and aw (as in crawl).

Monster Picnic - the end of term picnic is a Monster Picnic. Seth has a great time finding Monsters at the picnic - a river monster, a monster cake and a dirty muddy monster! A fun story with delightful illustrations. Monster Picnic focuses on /er/ with the graphemes er (as in her), ur (as in hurt), ir (as in third). 

Airy Fairy Fair - Everyone is at the Airy Fairy Fair Day. But Tim has a problem - how can he get his scarecrow to the Fair for the Scarecrow Contest!  Who manages to ride in the hot air balloon? The /air/ is represented by air (as in hair), ere (as in in where), are (as in beware).

Ha! Ha! Ha! - This story revises all the sounds introduced in this stage and the previous stages.  Big Bill has lots of laughs at the Ha! Ha! Ha! night.

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