Little Learner Stage 4 (Books 16 - 20)

Little Learner Stage 4 (Books 16 - 20)


Stage 4 stories:

Heart words:  of are too for her

16. At the fun run: Mum and Pip are at the fun run. What happened?  Did they win? 

17. Mud: Mum, Dad, Pip and tim are having a picnic when a bug hops on their rug. 

18. In the log hut: Pip and Tim build a log hut. They put in a rug and enjoy a picnic together. 

19. On the bus: Mum works at the local vet. She goes to work on the bus. Mum looks after a dog and her six pups.

20. The big red box: The postman delivers a big red box addressed to their Dad.  Pip and Tim want to know to know what is inside. What is inside this big red box?

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