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Literacy Success for All

This Workshop will cover the teaching of Phonemic Awareness alongside a PA Screening Tool, explicit teaching of The Alphabetic Code, how, when and why to use Decodable Texts and a Systematic Spelling Approach for the whole school.

Explicit, systematic teaching of Phonemic Awareness and the Alphabetic Code leaves nothing to chance and provides all children with the essential foundations on which future literacy builds. You will leave this PD with the knowledge and tools required for evidence-based teaching.


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I understand that this course will be invoiced to the email address provided above and that a payment of $200 is expected before my attendance. I acknowledge that I have sought any necessary permission to attend this workshop from the appropriate personnel and am aware that no refunds will be given due to not seeking release from my school and/or a change in circumstances. I am aware however, that I am able to have another teacher attend in my place.